My portfolio autumn background
An online campaign's 1st stage. The text reads: 'You can soon join the family'. Pen-tool, layer fx, some texture.
Online tv program guide with some social media features like eg. you can comment the programs, mark what you're planning to watch, check who else will watch the same program, rate programs etc.
Box background design on for the main articles related to the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's tragedy. It's resizable vertically
Antibody Systems site design plan
Webdesign for File Reactor, a file sharing site. Illustrations: PS pen tool + layer fx - Launch a new blog - startup screen. Part of admin interface redesign.
Promotion site and icons for a Firefox addon which monitors stock market values of certain companies's shares highlighting them on the browser's frame
Christmas skin (background illustration and interface colors) for Indamail. Photoshop pen tool+layer fx title page theme designed for the 20th anniversary of the Soviet-union's break-up. Both were used
Christmas header image for Index Fórum.
Alterego clothing shop redesign
Belsőség blog design
TComment blog design
Völgyliget residential park design plan (logo by Eszter Kármán, render by Judy Kai)
Völgyliget residential park (logo by Eszter Kármán)
Szépvölgyi 22. Real estate design (logo by Eszter Kármán)
Lotus Sports Management site
Rallye team site design
Alteregoshop clothing shop redesign
Nescafe Green Blend promotional website designs
IQSYS site design versions
A redesign version of MKB Bank's site
Design for Disney's Beauty and the Beast Bluray DVD edition site
A slight redesign for the page:
Company dealing with green energy (logo is not my design)
Hungarian Oracle Users Group's website layout plan link-sharing page redesign icons link-sharing page redesign
Freshwap link-sharing page design, approved version
Freshwap link-sharing page design first version
Én-kutyám (My dog in hungarian) website design
Approved redesign of in a required modest style. The site is browser-width stretching. Main page with categories (partly) and movies subpages in the picture - Link sharing site design done with pen tool in PS
Roots Association Bolivian-subject website plan
Hosting company's site
Newsletter about an African country
Movement for religious freedom
File sharing site layout
Webdesign company layout
Exhibition stand vendor company.
Öreg Dráva Vendégház, a typical village/country-style guesthouse.
Eva Nina Kozmus, a slovenian flutist, who won the Eurovision Young Musicians award in 2010. The final site is orange, but I liked this more.
Website redesign for a company selling printing industry products. The upper one is the first plan, the one below is the accepted design. The logo is not mine.
Redesign of the site with keeping the existing design elements by request, like the logo, the square patterns and the colors (unfortunately). The reason why there's so much space below the search field's row is that the login and the cart buttons open a floating menu beneath them.
Simple icons for the redesign of the existing icons of a fishing-tackle webshop.
Photographer's portfolio template in retro
Carrying trade site layout
3D visualization company site
Accounting company website
Diving watch promotion site
Copper promotion site v2
Copper promotion site v1
Medgyesi Hangszercenter website plan
Medgyesi Hangszercenter website plan
KP Models plastic model manufacturing company website plan
Hair implantation clinic site
European Union tender site plan
Company information database site icons
Company information database with some extra features. Minimalistic design, the goal was the usability of the site
Superpole website newsletter
Ski-resort website layout plan
Netlantic website plan.
Copper lobbyst site redesign plan. The structure and the colors were fixed. Made in a hurry.
Agricultural logistics company layout.
Bow instrument restoration website. Logo + layout design.
An older work, kinda splash screen for Nowar air-soft and police accessories webshop
New headers based on the design of Magyar Köztér site
Siteplan about ionised-water producing appliances
X86 computer accessories webshop plan
Kovácsoltvas, wrought iron site design final colors
Kovácsoltvas, wrought iron site design
Totalcar site redesign plan
Champagne webshop site plan
Champagne webshop site plan
Földmunka site plan
Ecsetmester artist site plan
Vitalade energy drink site design (from about 2000)
Virágbolt flower webshop site plan
Budapest Congress & World Trade Center site plan
Alterego clothing shop myspace site design
Alterego clothing shop site design
Alterego clothing shop site design
Alterego clothing shop site design
Alterego clothing shop site design
Alterego clothing shop original choosing-screen plan
Cafe site design
Tradivarius Eurocenter interpreting company site design
Globalnetwork net provider site design
Babos major tourist farm site plan
Koncz Gábor model portfolio flash site
Nowar police accessories shop site design
Nowar airsoft accessories shop site design
Devergo flash site plan
Magyar Köztér site design
3media webdesign studio flash site
FloydWorx portfolio page plan
Tender Hungária layout plan
After Crying fanpage
Itthon magazin layout plan
Castrum Borozó layout plan
Julianus Társaság layout plan
Sweet shop layout plan
Corvin Museum flash site
Motor tyre shop layout plan
Motor tyre shop layout plan
Megagreen layout plan
B3 Security company site design
B3 Security company layout plan